Our Philosophy:

The content of this blog is all about information and visualization, but not in the restricted sense of the academic information visualization community, rather information and visualization describes best what connects and inspires us three.

We three,

met during our studies of Information- and Media Technology at the Technical University of Cottbus. We are now spread all over Germany, from Konstanz over Berlin to Cottbus and working in more or less completely different areas, such as web design, information architecture, data mining, and information visualization.

Nevertheless, we still have interesting discussions, still want to exchange our working experiences, still get reasonable advice from each other, and still inspire us.
We realized, that the connection is our interests in information and visualization.

  • This could be web design, where the information has to be visualized not in a picture or graphic, but still has to be arranged and rendered somehow.
  • It could be information visualization within the data exploration platform KNIME where the connection is quite clear.
  • It could be the analysis, design and implementation of an ontology- and role based navigation within a CMS.
  • It could be the retrieval, transformation and mapping of geo-spatial data from proprietary systems into GoogleMaps.

It is a balance between information and visualization. The pendulum always swings between these two poles of our attention and keeps us working, interested, eager for new concepts, ideas, and realizations in these fields.